Sheree – Styled Session

“You are never too old to believe in fairy tales and to fill your life with a little magic.”

On this lovely Saturday afternoon we ventured into the forest, just outside of East London, in search of magic… and maybe with a little bit of luck we might find some fairies. We explored the forest and breathtaking waterfall with all the views and thrills that came with it. What a beautiful day to create some magic.

Sheree made a beautiful flower crown that could make even the fairies jealous. Between bubbles, glitter and coloured powder we literally had a ball.

We captured beautiful moments and created memories that will last a lifetime. Every little girl have a dream to be either a ballerina, princess… or sometimes a fairy. On this day we created a magical wonderland for one little girl (even if she is not a little girl anymore).

We all need a little magic every now and again…

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