Lifestyle Sessions

{ How do I make a booking? }

1) Head on over to the “contact me” section on this page.

2) Fill in your details and requirements in the enquiry form and submit.

3) Wait for our response email with my packages and contract.

4) Carefully read through my contract, sign it and send it back to me.

5) After receiving the invoice please pay the 50% reservation fee.

6) You are now booked and on my calendar! Relax and let’s be excited together to create some beautiful memories.

{ I’m planning a photo session more than 12 months in advance. How early can I book you? }

Unfortunately, I don’t take in bookings more than 12 months in advance, but you are welcome to enquire and I will gladly advise you for the next steps to book with me.

{ What should I wear for my photo session? }

Wear clothes with colour schemes that complement each other.  For example, blue jeans and white shirts or a combination of those colors. It is important to keep to your theme. For example, if you would like a vintage inspired photo session, it is wise to wear clothes that complement the vintage style. Also keep in mind the season and where the location of the photo session will be. For example white and blues go well with beach sessions and brown and red goes well with autumn and forest sessions.

{ What is a photo session with you like? }

Lots and lots of fun! We have tons of fun and laughs so bring all your energy and lets have some fun!  For a more visual representation of one of my sessions watch a short video by clicking here

{ Can I bring props? }

Yes! I love props and it helps tell your story even better, as long as you keep it simple and not too over the top. Things like a black board, picnic blanket, bubbles, balloons and flowers work well.  

{ What is the golden hour and should I plan my shoot around it? }

The golden hour is the time just after sunrise, or just before sunset – which provides gorgeous warm, soft and romantic light for photos. The golden hour is my (and any passionate photographer’s) dream light to shoot in.  So weather permitting, try and plan your couple session around it, you won’t regret it!

{ What can I do to ensure beautiful photographs? }

Have fun, be adventurous, laugh and be yourself! There is nothing as bad as fake smiles and unnatural poses in photos.

Light (especially natural light) is my best friend as a photographer, and choosing a venue (inside or outside) that has lots of natural light means that it makes my job a lot easier to give you the great shots you want.  If you need to do a photo session in the middle of the day, please choose a venue with lots of shade as the sun can be very harsh and will not provide natural looking photos.

{ Do you work with an assistant? }

Yes I do. My darling husband is my loyal assistant and all around helping hand. Having a helping hand allows me to work more efficiently, and to focus on making the most of our shooting time together. 

{ Can I have your RAW files with the edited ones? }

No, sorry! I don’t give out any unprocessed images. Asking a photographer to give out their unprocessed images is the same as asking an author to give out his unpublished manuscript.  To understand why, please click here. You will however receive a disc with your beautifully edited high resolution images which you can use for your personal printing and admiring.  

{ Do you offer off season or weekday discounts for photo sessions? }

Unfortunately I don’t, as I pour the same amount of my time, passion, effort, energy and love into all photo sessions, regardless of the day or time of the year.  However, do keep an eye on my Facebook page as I do offer specials and competitions from time to time. 

{ Are travel, accommodation and postage worked into my packages or are they calculated separately? }

They are calculated separately and are not included in the package fee.

The first 20km from Buh-Rein Estate, Northern Suburbs, is included in every photo package and the additional travel costs are charged at R4.00 per km for 2019.

Postage is charged at cost.

If the location is over an hour and a half’s drive from Buh-Rein Estate, and the photo session is expected to start quite early, or end quite late, then reasonable overnight accommodation will be charged at cost.

{ It must be nice to pocket all this money? }

It would be a sweet life! Unfortunately, this is a business and like all businesses there are overheads, not even to mention camera and equipment maintenance which does not come cheap.