Purity Pledge 2016

“Our body is a temple of the Lord – keep it pure from all evil.”

A late Saturday afternoon session on the beautiful Nahoon beach in East London. What an inspiring session. 🙂

I am so honored to have captured this special promise to the Lord. These very young girls and boys have pledged their purity to the Lord and promised to treat heir body as a temple of God. How beautiful is that? They were literally jumping for joy and dancing on the sand dunes.

We so often forget why the Lord has created us and how much He loves us. Live every day for the Lord and have faith, because He is with you. Don’t complain about the cross you bear, because more often than you realize, the Lord is preparing you for a dip in the road that He can we but we can not. 

Trust in Him, do your best and let God handle the rest. xxx

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