Birth Stories

{ How do I make a booking? }

1) Head on over to the “contact me” section on this page.

2) Fill in your details and requirements in the enquiry form and submit.

3) Wait for our response email with my packages, permission forms and my contract.

4) Carefully read through the permission forms and my contract, have it signed by everyone involved and send it back to me.

5) After receiving the invoice please pay the 40% reservation fee or as discussed if you are making use of a payment plan.

6) You are now booked and on my calendar! Relax and let’s be excited together to welcome your little one into the world.


{ How early can I book you? }

You can book me as soon as you discussed it with your healthcare professional. You doctor/midwife and hospital need to approve my presence at the birth before you can complete and confirm the booking. If you are interested in booking a birth photography package I will send you the permission forms that need to be completed by your healthcare professional and hospital.

Please note that no all healthcare providers and hospitals approve of having birth photographers present. State hospitals do not allow it at all.


{ Do you provide payment plans for birth packages? }

Yes I do! After receiving the invoice, 40% of the total amount is payable to reserve the date. Thereafter you may pay off the remaining amount until 30 days before your due date/c-section date.


{ What can I do to ensure beautiful photographs for my baby’s birth? }

Be yourself! I am there to document your baby’s birth story. This is the one photo session where you don’t need to say “cheese”and can completely forget that I am present in the room. Just live the moment and welcome your little one into the world. I will take care of the rest.


{ What is a birth session with you like? }

Calm. That’s how I would describe it. I try my best to work like a ninja in and around your birth space to interrupt as little as possible.

Being a mother myself, I understand that it is important to hold the birth space for a mother and her partner in a manner that shows empathy, understanding and respect for both the healthcare and humanity aspects of birth with a particular focus on what it means for the parents.


{ What should we wear for the Fresh 48 photo session? }

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in! A lovely night gown works really well. It is great when mom and dad wear complementing colours and try stay away from shirts with text on. You are welcome to wrap baby up in pretty wraps or blankets and add beanies and bows. Please do keep in mind that we want to photograph those little hands and feet, therefore dress baby in baby grows or pants with open feet.

Mom, you are still in hospital, don’t stress too much about what you look like. These are beautiful raw first moments of your baby’s life. You might feel differently in the moment, but in years to come you will treasure these special photographs together.


{ Can I bring props for the Fresh 48? }

Yes! I love props and it helps tell your baby’s story even better, as long as you keep it simple and not too over the top. A lovely wrap for baby and a special little teddy bear is always nice to photograph. 


{ What is the best day and time for a Fresh 48? }

Fresh 48 sessions are generally held within the first 48 hours from when baby is born. I find that the next day works best since mom had a rest and baby is bathed. We can discuss when would work best for you both.

Best time all depends on when baby is bathed and fed. It is best to feed baby right before the session and make sure his/her tummy is nice and full.


{ Can I have your RAW files with the edited ones? }

No, sorry! I don’t give out any unprocessed images. Asking a photographer to give out their unprocessed images is the same as asking an author to give out his unpublished manuscript.  To understand why, please click here. You will however receive a usb with your beautifully edited photographs which you can use for your personal printing and admiring.  


{ Do you offer off season or weekday discounts for photo sessions? }

Unfortunately I don’t, as I pour the same amount of my time, passion, effort, energy and love into all photo sessions, regardless of the day or time of the year.  However, do keep an eye on my Facebook page as I do offer specials and competitions from time to time. 


{ Are travel, accommodation and postage worked into my packages or are they calculated separately? }

They are calculated separately and are not included in the package fee.

The first 30km from Kraaifontein is included in every package and the additional travel costs are charged at R4.00 per km for 2018.

Postage is charged at cost.

If the location is over an hour and a half’s drive from Kraaifontein, and the photo session is expected to start quite early, or end quite late, then reasonable overnight accommodation will be charged at cost.


{ It must be nice to pocket all this money? }

It would be a sweet life! Unfortunately, this is a business and like all businesses there are overheads, not even to mention camera and equipment maintenance which does not come cheap.